Monday, July 4, 2011

Sobral Wishes You a Happy 4th Of July!

Summer is officially here! It is time for sunscreen, lobster rolls, the beach and fireworks. New Yorkers have quickly switched from singing, “Born this way!” (Lady Gaga), in celebration of last week's Pride Parade, to proudly belting “Born in the USA!”  (the classic Springsteen anthem) in celebration of the Fourth of July. Today the subway is jam-packed with people heading to the Coney Island hot-dog eating contest, or the nearest neighborhood block party, wearing flag sweaters (despite the heat), flamboyantly painted nails, or essentially anything you can think of in red, white and blue. Sobral has some fabulous, albiet more practical options, for the holiday and was recently featured in the 4th of July post for the NYC blog Sicka Than Average. The SOBRAL Naturals Diamentes Necklace ($100), is a bold red that would pop any outfit--just perfect for an outside cookout, and the Chic Shock RJ bracelet ($50) in blue is a great blue option for the holiday.

SOBRAL Naturals Diamentes Necklace ($100)

Chic Shock RJ bracelet ($50)

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